Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I Really Do Want To Know How You Scored That Goal!

Brighton were the visitors for the first night game of the season at Portman Road. I caught the Park & Ride and met Max at Degeros, although I only stopped there for one pint.
For the second time in four days Ipswich came away with a two-nil victory, although this result was in the balance for longer than Saturdays game against Millwall.
With an hour gone It had the feeling of a one-nil, although I couldn't tell which way it would go - it was that open. Jonathan Parr scored his first goal for Town, knocking in a rebound from close range after seventy-nine minutes. Brighton then went all out for an equaliser, but Daryl Murphy's wonder strike two minutes from time ended any hope that they may have had of getting anything from the game.
Have a look at Murphy's goal.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

As The Actress Said To The Bishop

Marcus Evans played poker with these two - let's hope that he won
At last a three o'clock kick-off on a saturday afternoon - proper football. It's three weeks since attending my last match, has much changed? We turned down bids of over eight million pounds for David McGoldrick and two and a half million pounds for Tyrone Mings as the transfer window closed at the end of August. Darren Ambrose has joined us again and it looks we've found another gem from the academy, mid-fielder Teddy Bishop, who made his home debut today against Millwall.
Former captain Carlos Edwards made his first return to Portman Road since leaving last season and was given a very warm reception - he couldn't help but laugh when the North Stand sang his "He can't drive a car"song!

An impressive home debut for Teddy Bishop
Carlos Edwards back in town

The match itself was really entertaining, Millwall, who played some nice football, were unlucky not to go ahead after hitting the bar midway through the first half. Ipswich took the lead just before the break, in stoppage time, McGoldrick slotting the ball past David Forde, the Lions keeper.
Goals change games and Millwall never looked like getting back into the match after the restart. Their fate was sealed when Daryl Murphy scored from close range in the sixty-third minute.
Sharon and I resisted the temptation of going for a post match beer and instead had the delights of Mick Mills and the 'moan in' on the way home in the car!

Six games in 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Lets Stay Together

Dean Gerkin - should STOP wearing yellow boots with the all green goalkeepers strip. It's not on!!

Are you Norwich in disguise 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Park Life

I don't know if it's because our first derby against Narwich for three years came too early in the season? but there was certainly something missing from Saturdays game. There didn't seem to be the normal passion from the players or the fans (both sets). Perhaps we were still getting over that horrible 5-1 defeat on Maundy Thursday 2011 and perhaps they just assumed that they're better than us or daren't lose?
The Drum & Monkey
Plenty of Police in town for this game

A Suffolk welcome for the Narwich fans

It was also disappointing that we had about 5,000 empty seats - possibly due to Sky covering the game, although I doubt that we would have sold it out in their absence.
I kind of knew that we would lose the game, after we went behind midway through the first half, following a defensive cock-up.
After beating Fulham on the first day of the season I was feeling really good about our prospects, now just two weeks later I'm not quite so confident. This disappointing result against the budgies along with the loss at Reading (who had a weakened side), then scraping an injury time draw at Birmingham, not to mention the League Cup defeat at Crawley are hardly inspiring.

Football aside It was a good day, I started it off with an 8am training session on Christchurch Park with Ipswich Jaffas. A much needed breakfast in town and a 'holier than thou' Lime & Soda at The Plough before kick-off in the sunshine left me feeling good!
After the game we all met up at Degeros for a few of beers. Midway through the afternoon John Wark appeared in St Nicholas Street and was greeted by a rousing rendition of "He's here, he's there, he's every f**kin where, Johnny Wark, Johnny Wark. He was more than happy to have a chat and a photo with the locals.

Dejeros - a Warky wonderland
At around six o'clock me and Sharon decided to go home, but not before inviting a few people back to ours for an impromptu barbeque. We even invited Rob & Tracy - Norwich fans!

Always good to get a response

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Robert Degeros waiting

Truthfully I was disappointed, when I found out that the first game of the season, versus relegated Fulham, was going to be an early evening kickoff, but as things turned out, it made for a great opening day.
It's the most enthusiastic start to a season I can remember in years, everyone seems to love the new Adidas kit. There's a belief that we can do well (there always is, but this season it's possible that with a bit of luck, we could get into the top six, why not?)
The atmosphere was really good in the North Stand - something that surprised me! Perhaps the fact that Narwich are in the same division might have something to do with it?
A 2-1 victory with goals from Daryl Murphy and David McGoldrick, got the season off to a great start and so after the game we went back to Degeros, for one drink, only it turned into several!
Oh well up the Town!

Debutant Balint Bajner

Another season in The Championship kicks off

The two Ipswich goal scorers 'Dids' & 'Murph'


You can't beat a Revett's sausage, especially a Barbecued one, along with some good old Suffolk bacon and eggs served up in a bap! That was our relaxing start to the season, along with Max and his mates, brunch and beer in the garden, made possible by the 5.15pm kick-off, thanks to Sky TV.
As most of the games were kicking off Sharon and me were catching the park and ride into town, after clearing up, for 'one' drink before the game at Degeros and that's all we had (we actually had two!)

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Don't Stop Believin'

Thirteen seasons in the Championship, the longest and most loyal servants of the second tier in English football.
Realistically we'll probably still be here in twelve months, alternatively we could be starting next season away to Liverpool (Anfield the place where we last played in the Premier League).
If you can't dream, then what's the point?
Welcome back football.